Burners that increase brick life span and efficiency for PS Converters

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In May we received a new order for Arctic Heat from Anglo American. In June we will deliver two burners that will be used within a PS Converter at their mining site in Chagres, Chile. Arctic Heat has long been used within PS converters. The order from Anglo American is our second order from South America.

Chile has recently sharpened their environmental laws. New regulations regarding emissions and smoke, forces companies to reduce their environmental footprint. Changing existing burners to Arctic Heat is one step towards lower emissions. Our burners uses less fuel and leaves less residue in the exhaust. They also increase brick life within the converter. Installation of our burners has, in some cases, doubled the amount of cycles for the converter.

Burners that increases productivity significantly within PS Converters

We have long worked to optimize our burners for use within Ps Converters. We have been cooperating closely with Boliden Rönnskär in the developing process. Boliden is one of our many customers who testify several benefits since they started using Arctic Heat. They have almost doubled the amount of cycles in the converter and have increased the brick life span. Longer life span and easy installation of burners means less down time and more efficient smelting.

There are several factors that contribute to the increased life span of the brick inside the converter. The high-pressure technology and the even heat that Arctic Heat provides is more gentle on the brick than regular heating methods.

Burners to PS Converters on three continents

This far, we have delivered burners for PS Converters in several countries. Kazakstan, Zambia, Namibia, Finland, Sweden and now another one to Chile. All of our customers has been able to increase the amount of cycles in the converter, many of them has doubled. In Africa, Kansanshi is now doing 130-140 cycles compared to another company in Africa who is only doing 70 cycles.

We are glad to continue to help companies and smelters all over the world boost efficiency and lower their environmental footprint.

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