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Arctic Vent Control


Is arctic vent control compatible with existing fans?

Yes, Arctic Vent Control is a control system that connects to your existing fans. We don’t provide fans, but have partners that do if that is needed.

How long does it take from order confirmation to installation?

From order confirmation to installation of Arctic Vent Control in your mine can take as little as 8 weeks. The setup and implementation time depends on your existing system as well as specifications, delivery times and more. More precise delivery time for your specific system will be given upon order confirmation. 

do we need to build infrastructure such as fiber or wifi for this system to work?

No, Arctic Vent Control is a stand-alone system that does not require any other infrastructure to function. Everything you need is built-in to the autonomous control units.

How long is the average payback time on the initial investment?

A mine with 3 supply fans at 250kW and 15 auxiliary fans at 37kW could reduce energy consumption by 3.4 MW/year by installing Arctic Vent Control. The payback time on such an investment could be as low as 6 months to a year.

Is manual application required during operation?

No, when the system is up and running, everything is already programmed according to your specifications. The system operates autonomously and changes and updates can be done remotely. 

how much energy does a vod system really save?

How much energy and money you save by installing a VOD System depends on your existing system and energy consumption. The biggest difference between running the fans manually and autonomously is that, with the autonomous system, the fans will only be running when they are needed and with the exact power needed for the specific operation.

That means a small car entering the mine will not put fans into full power, saving energy also when in use. 

Read more about real examples of energy savings on our Customer Reference page.