Customer references for Arctic Heat burner system

Our burner system is ideal for use within different types of industries. Arctic Heat burner system is being used within industrial furnaces, smelters, converters and many more. But instead of letting us tell you how it works, you can read what our customers say about Arctic Heat. 

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“Up to 30% decrease in fuel consumption and higher temperatures resulted in money saved and a longer converter life cycle.”

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“The oil consumption has been reduced and furnace brick life has been extended with the use of GEFA’s combustion technology at our Iron Ore pelletizing plants.”

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“Our instruments detected unburned fuel in the boiler at levels of 50ppm after a dry-out campaign where we would normally have levels of 1000ppm with our previous system. This saves us time and allows us to give an extended warranty to our client.”

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The benefits of using Arctic Heat are many. Decreased fuel cost, less unburnt fuel and less NOx in the exhaust are some of them. Our burners are ideal for burning waste oil but can be used with many other types of liquid fuels. 

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