Customer References
for Arctic Vent Control​

Arctic Vent Control was first installed in the LKAB iron ore mine in Malmberget in 1999. Since then we have continuously developed the ventilation on demand system together with LKAB according to their needs. LKAB is Europes largest iron ore producer and the underground mine in Malmberget is large and complex. Mining twenty four seven, every day of the year, requires efficiency and systems you can rely on. Arctic Vent Control makes it easy to control, schedule and optimize airflow and air quality in the underground mine.

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After installation of Artic Vent Control there was a 29% decrease in energy consumption from the fans and a 40% decrease in energy for heating the mine air.


The introduction of this new system in the Malmberget mine have led to a decrease in the annual electric energy consumption from 167 GWh to 72 GWh.


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