Arctic Heat in PS Converters

The PS Converter, or Pierce Smith converter, is one of the most common converters within metallurgical smelting. When dried copper concentrate has gone through  roasting and smelting processes, it goes into the converter.
Peirce-Smith converter sections drawing

Inside the converter, the matte is converted into metallic copper in two stages. The slag blowing stage and the copper blowing stage. The PS Converter has two belts of tuyeres coming along the axis on either sides of the horizontal, cylindrical converter. The procedure within the converter is rather simple.

During each stage, air or oxygen-enriched air, is injected through the tuyeres into the melt. Depending on the starting amount of copper in the matte, the procedure is repeated. The process doesn’t need additional heat since the reactions are exothermic. But the vessel needs heaters to maintain temperature when the batch is being changed.

We have delivered our burner lance, Arctic Heat, to several PS Converters in different smelters.

Our customers often highlight the fact that the Arctic Heat burner lance can be inserted and installed through the tuyeres of their PS converters.

Easy installation means shorter downtimes and more efficient processes. Also, our burners are more efficient and leaves less residues. That means lower costs and emissions.

Arctic Heat is a perfect burner lance to use in PS Converters.