Arctic Vent Control

Reduce energy consumption
and optimize airflow
in underground mines

A ventilation on demand system that provides full control over airflow within the mining site.

This advanced mine ventilation system has vehicle detection, gas detection, air quality sensors and scheduling possibilities that optimizes the airflow underground.

The ventilation system works independently and does not require any infrastructure in the form of Wifi or other IT solutions. Because of its independency, Arctic Vent Control is easy to install and requires low initial costs. The system is also scalable, and each fan control unit is autonomous, that means the ventilation system can be installed and tested in one small part before continuing with installations throughout the mine.

More than 20 years in operation

Our ventilation on demand system was first installed in the LKAB mine in Malmberget Sweden in 1999. It has since then provided the 1250m underground mine with high quality air flow. The system has been continuously developed and improved to best fit the needs and requirements of the growing mine.

As the mine and its operations continue to grow and get more and more advanced, the ventilation system grows with it. As your mine changes, so does Arctic Vent Control. Because the ventilation system is modular, you can easily move control units to new mining areas.

Benefits of Arctic Vent Control

Save money – reduce costs

Because Arctic Vent Control will control the fans to only run when needed (using vehicle detection and other sensors) you will use less power and your fans will have a longer service life and less damage.

Safe work environment

Use of scheduled operation of the fans to flush out toxic gases after blasting etc.

Compatible with most fans and ventilation systems

If existing ventilation systems and fans are already installed in the mine, Arctic Vent Control will integrate via common bus protocols.

Low initial investment

Each fan control unit is autonomous, that makes Arctic Vent Control highly scalable. It can be tested in one area before full or progressive installation throughout the mine.

Autonomous operation

Each fan control unit can operate on its own if communication does not exist or fails. Arctic Vent Control can be controlled via local HMI underground and/or remote from above ground.

Portable control units

As your mine changes, so does Arctic Vent Control. By being modular you can easily move control units to the new mining areas.

Quick and easy support ​

Since Arctic Vent Control can be controlled remotely from above ground, we can offer support, in most cases, without having to leave or home office. That means support becomes cheaper and faster and makes the downtime minimal.

The most frequently asked questions

Let us answer the most frequently asked questions about Arctic Vent Control.


How much energy it saves, the repayment period of the investment, installation times and more. You find all the answers here!

Specifications and details

Customer reference

After installation of Artic Vent Control there was a 29% decrease in energy consumption from the fans and a 40% decrease in energy for heating the mine air.


The introduction of this new system in the Malmberget mine have led to a decrease in the annual electric energy consumption from 167 GWh to 72 GWh


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