Gefa System

Industrial automation since 1988

Gefa System was formed in Gällivare Sweden in 1988. That gives us 30 years of experience in developing high tech automation solutions for the mining industry, municipalities and other industries.


Our first product was an automation system for treatment plants that is still being used by municipalities throughout Sweden. We are a consultant and engineer company with energy and industrial automation as our main focus. We specialize in computer supported industrial automation and complete solutions.


Our business concept is to deliver computerized controlled and regulating systems in key completed deliveries. Our customers are small local businesses as well as municipal facilities to big international mining companies.


GEFA system AB continuously improves software for different applications.

More than 30 years of experience

A lot of things have happened since we first started back in 1988. In the beginning we developed automation systems for treatment plants for Swedish municipalities. But automation was much needed in more places and we soon decided to specialize in automation, no matter the industry.

More than thirty years later, we still do automation for treatment plants but our main focus have shifted. Today we have three main products, or core features of our business. Automation for treatment plants is one, ventilation on demand for underground mines and burner systems for industries are the other two.

What has kept us going, growing and constantly pushing the boundaries all these years is curiosity and a drive to keep simplifying complex processes.

We help business do more, without spending more. We help reduce costs, energy and time – no matter the business or problem.