Rising energy prices has lead to increased interest for on-demand ventilation for underground mines

Ulf karlsson-arctic vent control-standing infront of fans

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All over the world, energy prices are rising. In April 2022, the price of gas in Europe reached the highest point since the 1970’s. The prices have gone up all over the world, with Europe most effected. The higher prices on oil and gas are predicted to stay above normal for many years to come.

As the energy prices are rising and the supply of both oil, gas and electricity is limited – more and more companies will be affected. Saving energy and reducing consumption has become a critical investment for all industries. This has lead to a peaked interest for Arctic Vent Control, our ventilation on demand for underground mines.

Controlling and optimizing the air within the mining site has become even more important as prices on energy are rising. Many underground mines in colder climates need to heat the air that goes into the mine. This is done to prevent freezing within the shafts. Most mines heat the air by burning gas or oil, which means double the energy usage.

To save energy, you only want to heat the exact amount of air, to the exact temperature needed.

 You also want to make sure that the air that goes into the mining site comes to optimal use. Arctic Vent Control uses automation to make sure only the areas where people are working gets ventilated, at the exact times needed. When you can control where the air is being used, less air needs to be pumped down which means that less air needs to be heated to being with.

Gefa System has worked with mine ventilation automation for more than 20 years. Arctic Vent Control is one of the worlds leading automation systems for increased efficiency and safety. The peak in interest due to the rising energy prices is interesting.

– We have long experience working with minimizing energy consumption and optimizing the airflow within a mining site. Our system is a stand-alone system that does not require any infrastructure and is therefor easy to install and test. We hope that the increased interest will lead to new clients and an overall reduction in energy consumption for underground mines, says Ulf Karlsson, CEO Gefa System AB.

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