High pressure technology
Unique technology makes our burners more
efficient than other options on the market.
Reduce energy consumption
The Arctic Heat high pressure technology reduces energy
consumption and leaves less residue in the exhaust.
Efficient biofuel burner
Compatible with bio fuels such as turpentine, tall oil and more.

High pressure burner system for every heating application

The Arctic Heat burner system utilizes a high-pressure fuel system that improves fuel economy and reduces NOx in the exhaust. This makes Arctic Heat the most efficient burner on the market. 

Arctic Heat can help bring economical and environmental benefits to your heating industry.  Our customers often highlight the fact that they’ve experienced decreased fuel cost, less unburnt fuel and less NOx in the exhaust since they installed our burners. Arctic Heat is being used within industrial furnaces, PS converters and smelters all over the world – something we are very proud of.

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Industrial furnaces

Our burners are optimized for use within different types of industrial furnaces. Adjustable flame size and efficient combustion even on low effect, our burners revolutionize the heating process within industrial furnaces.

Our unique high pressure system optimizes the fuel consumption, reduce costs and NOx in the exhaust – making it more efficient than a traditional burner. 

PS Converters

The PS Converter is one of the most common converters within metallurgical smelting. We have delivered the Arctic Heat burner for PS Converters all over the world. 

Apart from the fact that our burners reduce costs and emissions, our customers often highlight the fact that the Arctic Heat burner lance can be inserted and installed through the tuyeres of the PS converter.

Easy installation means shorter downtimes and more efficient processes.

Refractory Dry-outs

When The low amounts of unburnt fuel in the exhaust increases brick lifespan. One customer reduced unburnt fuel from 1000ppm to 50-80ppm. We have also delivered several mobile heaters for used for dry out procedures in refractory linings.

Rotary Kilns

The Arctic Heat burner functions perfect within rotary kilns. Our customers testify that our burner technology improves energy recovery and results in lower emissions and better cost efficiency. We also achieve a very long flame to distribute the heat effectively.

Our customers use Arctic Heat for a wide variety of applications within a rotary kiln, as production burner, tempered pre-heat (TPH), Down draft drying (DDD), Pre-heat (PH) and for firing zone in travelling grates.

Contact us to discuss your application with someone from our team. 

Standard features

       Capacity from 0.2 to 70MW.

       Size from 26-70mm and 0.2m up to several meters in length.

       No moving parts other than the pump and valve.

       Fine grain control down to 10% of design maximum. e. g. a 3MW burner can deliver 0.3-3MW.

       Coupled to your plant control system via any common bus or controlled via our touch screen HMI.

       Lower NOx emissions

       Lower unburnt fuel emissions


We have solutions for automatic ignitors which are capable of handling big variations in temperature.

In some burner applications it is necessary to cool the burner lance to secure operation and improve durability. Sometimes pressurized air is enough otherwise we provide water coolers for our burners.

Sufficient air supply is required for effective combustion. We have developed a air injector to solve that problem

For monitoring and/or re-ignite the burner we provide flame sensors.

When pre-heating fuel is required we offer a heater for that purpose.

Specifications and details of Arctic Heat

We have developed a nozzle with a unique swirling chamber and needle design. The unique design utilizes high fuel pressure and pressurized air to achieve very good atomization which results in an efficient combustion. All without any moving parts.

With this simple and sturdy design – maintenance is hassle free and it’s easy to disassemble the burner lance when you need to replace damaged or worn parts.

This burner lance is manufactured from high temperature steel and comes in 4 standard diameters: 26, 38, 50 and 70 mm. Length starting from 0,2 m, according to customer specfikations.

burner_lance_clean-arctic heat-Gefa system

Image shows the compressed air feed out to the left and the fuel feed in the back. Then follows the mounting flange onto the main shaft of the burner and finally the burner nozzle.

The Arctic heat pump rack connects directly to the plant oil supply (low pressure) and is responsible for supplying one or more burners with high pressure oil and pressurized air.

Our pump rack is built with VFD*-powered pumps that enables fine grained control down to 10% of maximum capacity. It increases both reliability and efficiency. The pump rack consists of three main sections: low pressure oilhigh pressure oil and pressurized air.

The pump rack can be placed away from actual burners.

pumprack_1-arctic heat-gefa system

Image shows a pump rack with the Arctic Heat control cabinet mounted on the side. This example shows the Arctic Heat pump rack connected to two burners.

We have developed an interface that allows you to monitor, control and optimize the burners for your use. It features a touch screen, and functions include starting and stopping burners, monitor oil, air and temperature data.

Our burners also have meet all legal requirements with a safety bridge that always keeps burner operation in a safe state. For example, to stop the fuel pump to prevent explosions if no ignition occurs.

Fuels compatible with Arctic Heat:

  • Diesel
  • HFO no. 6
  • Turpentine
  • Tall oil

Read more about the use of bio fuels >

Our other products

Arctic Automation

Arctic Automation is an automation system for treatment plants. It was our first product and have been used for municipalities throughout Sweden since 1988.

Ulf karlsson-arctic vent control-standing infront of fans

Arctic Vent Control

Advanced mine ventilation system with vehicle- and gas detection, air quality sensors & scheduling possibilities that optimizes airflow underground.

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