Maintenance Program

Regular service and maintenance makes for little down time

Gefa Systems maintenance program make sure you maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. Every application has specific maintenance needs, our program make sure that every application is running at optimal performance at all times.

Our maintenance program also include preventive maintenance as well as remote or on-site support in case of unexpected breakdowns. We also guarantee access to spare parts.

our products

Arctic Vent Control is our ventilation on demand system for underground mines. Features like car detection sensors and scheduling helps optimize air quality and reduce energy consumption.

Arctic Heat is a high pressure burner system that burns all types of oil and other liquid fuels. Ideal for converters, smelters, refractory dry outs and industrial furnaces. Reduces NOx in the exhaust.

Arctic Automation is a system that allows you to control multiple water/wastewater systems stations without ever leaving the office. We have delivered this product to municipalities across Sweden since 1988.