Arctic Automation

Easy to handle automation system for water and wastewater systems

Arctic Automation is an automation system for treatment plants.

It was our first product and have been used for municipalities throughout Sweden since 1988. Arctic Automation helps municipalities control the many treatment plants spread out over large areas. We make it possible to control the treatment plants and get data from all control units – without ever leaving the office.

What used to require a lot of travelling and working hours is now reduced to one click on your computer. It helps save money and the environment, and at the same time you get a better overview of your facilities. We can also offer support and troubleshooting from our office, which means less down time in case a problem appears.

Easy to install and operate

We have provided Arctic Automation to our customers for 30 years and continue to develop it to best fit the use of our customers. The system is easy to install and can be used in whole or in part, depending on your needs.


The control units are reliable and with a long lifespan. In some areas we are still using control units that are over 10 years old. That means no unnecessary costs in replacing units because of age. We always make sure the system works properly and we don’t replace units if not necessary.


Since we have provided this system for several municipalities for over 30 years, we have long experience and good knowledge which will benefit all our customers. Installing new systems is now an easy and efficient process – that means less initial costs for you.

We offer support for all our customers, together with your staff on site, we operate and troubleshoot the system remotely.

Customer Reference

Arctic Automation is easy to use, reliable and with good options for development if you want. GEFA have incredibly competent staff and have provided a good product all these years. They offer great support as well.


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