Twenty years of delivering ventilation on demand for LKAB

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It has now been almost 20 years that GEFA have been providing ventilation on demand services for LKAB. It is the longest relationship we have had with any client and for a relatively small company like GEFA, it means a lot. It offers security to have a big and reliable client like LKAB and we are very proud that we have been able to provide our products for 20 years.

So why did LKAB choose GEFA above other bigger players in the industry in the first place?

What it all comes down to is efficiency and flexibility. GEFA has been able to provide a lower price without compromising on quality. In the end, it doesn’t matter what size of a company you are, but rather what you can actually provide for your clients. Another reason that LKAB chose us was of course that we operate locally, which they consider to be an advantage. Also, small companies tend to care even more about their clients since they depend on them quite a lot.

The work with LKAB was in the beginning small and simple. Throughout the years this has however grown into something much bigger, and even complex. By working together, GEFA and LKAB have been able to develop the system and use each other’s competences. If something needs to be fixed – LKAB is assured that it will be done.

Ventilation on demand to control and direct airflow within the mining site

The main reason and benefit for LKAB to have GEFA’s ventilation-on-demand, is to be able to control the airflow within the mining site. The airflow is directed to where people are currently working and in areas of the mine that are empty, ventilation is off. As the mine grows, the air needs to cover the active working areas. It is not necessary to keep ventilation on for the parts of the mine that might be empty for a longer period of time.

Gefa System started small, in the city of Gällivare, where we still provide clients with our products and services. But with our long experience, GEFA is now slowly expanding to new parts of the world. With products like ventilation on demand and high pressure burner systems there is a huge market waiting for us outside of Sweden.


Our customers in the north are still our main core, but now we are looking to export our products on a bigger scale. We want to help more companies improve their current systems, while also cutting down on costs. Among other countries, both Chile and South Africa are of huge interest.  

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