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New Bluetooth control units for Arctic Vent Control successfully tested

Our ventilation on demand system for underground mines has been in use for over twenty years. The LKAB underground mine in Malmberget has been using our system since 1999. The LKAB underground mine is complex and constantly growing and changing. New and larger mining areas, more traffic and new blasting routines are all things that put high pressure on the ventilation system.

During 2020 we have been researching and testing out new bluetooth units for Arctic Vent Control. The new control units are cheaper, battery powered and easier to install in different types of vehicles.

The new bluetooth control units will replace the old radio units in Arctic Vent Control. We want to make sure our mining ventilation system is the most efficient system on the market and that it’s functionality is not only in line with our customers demands, but that we can deliver more than what is expected.

These new units brings our ventilation system to a whole new level. In 2021, we have been switching control units for the underground mining ventilation throughout the LKAB mine in Malmberget. The new battery powered bluetooth units also have faster reaction times and simpler and faster installation processes.

For our customers, that means even lower initial costs and more flexibility when it comes to changing and scaling the mining ventilation system to current demands.

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