Gefa is investing in new skills - moving towards a fossil-free industry

Abdirahman Abdullahi is a newly graduated civil engineer in energy from LTU. He grew up in Stockholm but has lived in Luleå for 6 years before moving up to Gällivare to work at Gefa System.


The civil engineer program is only 5 years, but Abdirahman has studied both specializations, Bioenergy & energy efficiency and Wind power & hydropower, and therefore stayed an extra year.

Moving even further north was not something he had planned, but when the opportunity to work at Gefa System came up, it felt like the right decision.

– It was not planned to move even further north, it seems like I have only moved to smaller and smaller places. I like it here in Gällivare, the mountain Dundret is so close to the city centre, I like that you can see it wherever you are, says Abdirahman.

The reason to why he came to Gällivare and Gefa System is thanks to a project called Knowledge Transfer Partnerships via Luleå University of Technology. The project matches recent graduates with medium-sized companies that want to grow and need new skills. This means that Abdirahman will work for a year at Gefa System with strategic development work in the role of KTP project manager.

Abdirahman Abdullahi, KTP Project Manager.

Gefa System is a leader in burner technology.

We have developed high-pressure burners that greatly increase combustion and reduce the amount of residual products in the exhaust.


The burners are already being used with bio-oils, the next step is to develop the burners for hydrogen gas. The development is necessary for the transition towards a fossil-free industry, but it also comes with some challenges.

– Many industries are facing major challenges today where they have to drastically reduce their emissions in order to maintain production, without exceeding their emission allowances. It’s not as simple as just switching out the fuel. The fossil-free fuels have completely different properties, which means that the combustion looks different.


For us, it is important to invest in research and development in order to continue to be a leader in the market and deliver products that help companies reach the climate goals, says Ulf Karlsson, CEO Gefa System.

Ulf Karlsson, CEO, Gefa System AB

During this year, Abdirahman will work on developing and improving the burner systems further towards renewable fuels such as bio-oils and hydrogen gas.

A large part of the development work takes place via computer simulations, a cost-effective and smart way to test and develop products without the need for combustion. Working with simulations is completely new for Gefa, and also for Abdirahman.

One of the reasons why I chose Gefa in particular was to work with fossil-free fuels and the challenge of achieving optimized combustion and reducing residual products in the exhaust gases. All companies in the industry face the same challenge, which means that if we can find a solution here at Gefa, it can make a big difference. It would feel good to have had a part in that as a newly examined civil engineer, says Abdirahman.

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