Six meter burner lance with a fifteen meter flame

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Earlier this fall we’ve had the pleasure of servicing one of the six meter long burner lances used in LKAB in Kiruna.

The burner lance might be long, measuring 6 meters from bottom to top, but the flame it produces is even longer. Fifteen meters to be exact. The burner lance we’ve serviced is one of many of this type delivered to LKAB. They have been in use for many years in their rotary kilns in KK2, KK4 and in the pelletizing plant in Svappavaara.

This burner lance has an effect of 42 megawatts and has good combustion with both light and thick oil. In LKAB’s pelletizing plants, they are being used as start and support burners inside their coal combustors. The burner lance with the longest flame we have made so far, measure 19 meter. That burner, too, was created for LKAB.

six meter burner lance for LKAB rotary kiln

All of our burner lances are custom made to suit your needs.

With diameters ranging from 26mm up to 70 mm, as used for the burners in LKAB’s rotary kilns. The length of the burner lance can be anything from as little as 0,2 metres, all according to your needs. Our burners can also be used with many different types of liquid fuel, including biofuels.

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Arctic Vent Control

New beacons for vehicle detection in LKAB

Gefa System AB together with Euroroc, a subcontractor to LKAB, have installed new beacons in all the vehicles used by Euroroc on Fabian 955.

Arctic Heat

Gefa Systems high pressure burners are attracting a lot of attention

In August this year, Gefa System received an order for a complete burner system from Palabora Mining Company in South Africa. The burner system will be used in a PS Converter in a copper smelter, something that has become a specialty for Gefa’s burners.

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