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Increased demand for biofuel burners

Across the globe, more and more companies strive to reduce their environmental footprint and save energy. For many, that means switching from fossil fuel to biofuels. Switching to efficient, high-pressure burners that can be used with biofuels, is a step in the process towards becoming greener.

As the interest to go green is growing, the demand for burners that can be used with biofuels has increased. In the environmental strive, Gefa System has been early adopters.

We have been using biofuels for our burners since 2001. That’s when we started using our burner system with tall oil and turpentine. Since then we’ve developed the burners even more. Today they can be used with any type of liquid biofuel, say Ulf Karlsson, CEO of Gefa System AB.

Neutral emissions and less unburnt fuel

Tall oil and turpentine are residues from forestry and has climate neutral emissions, as opposed to burning fossil fuels. But it’s not only what type of fuel that is being used that matters. It’s also important that the biofuel burners leave as little residues as possible.

Our high-pressure burner system makes the burning process efficient. That means they reduce the amount of unburnt fuel as well as reducing the NOx in the exhaust, say Ulf Karlsson.

The demand for fossil free alternatives has increased within the last years. Large Swedish companies, like LKAB, Vattenfall and SSAB, are leading the way to fossil-free steel production in their joint-venture company, called HYBRIT. Their unique pilot plant is going to be a large step towards a world in which steel is produced without carbon-based fuels.

Gefa System has been delivering biofuel burners to LKAB for many years, click to read more.

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