Fossil free pellet production

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The Arctic Heat high-pressure burner system has long proved to be a flexible system with many benefits. Now, our high pressure burner system will be used within fossil free pellet production in the worlds first pelletizing plant using bio-oils. In these applications, the high pressure technology together with our unique burner lance, has a great advantage.

The tall oil pitch that will be used within the pelletizing plant contains high-boiling esters of fatty acids and rosin. The use of this type of oil puts a lot of pressure on the burner systems. Tall oil is highly corrosive and requires acid-resistant materials as well as more heating due to higher viscosity.

Burning bio-oils can often lead to higher levels of NOx, but the high-pressure technique used in our Arctic Heat burners keeps the levels low. Arctic Heat has proven to have a great advantage when it comes to effectively burning these type of oils with little residues in the exhaust.

This project is a pilot plant for fossil-free steel production. The projects goal is to have a solution for fossil free steel by 2035. Using tall oil with all the burners within the pelletizing plants is one step of many in the process.

We are proud to get the confidence to deliver burners for such an innovative project that will revolutionize steel production and help meet climate goals, says Ulf Karlsson, CEO Gefa System.

In november 2018 we wrote about the increased demand for bio-fuel burners as industries need to meet climate goals. The implementation of our burners in this unique project for fossil free steel production, shows that the demand is continuing to grow. It is also an excellent example of the possibilities and impact that this type of investment can have.

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